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What Should be Avoided After a BHeart® Brazilian Butt Lift?

By: Dr. Brian Hwang


The BHeart® Brazilian butt lift is becoming an increasingly popular procedure for those looking to enhance their natural beauty. What is a Brazilian butt lift? It's a surgery that transfers fat to the buttocks to create a fuller, shapelier appearance. Understanding the BHeart® Brazilian butt lift healing process is vital, and proper BHeart® Brazilian butt lift aftercare is essential for naturally noticeablle results. At Brian Hwang, MD, Plastic Surgery in West Hills, CA, we're here to guide you on what you should avoid after undergoing this transformative procedure.

What are the top things to avoid during the BHeart® Brazilian butt lift healing process?

Recovering from a BHeart® Brazilian butt lift requires careful attention to several critical factors. The healing process involves both short-term and long-term care considerations:

  • Avoid sitting directly on your buttocks: Do not sit on your bottom directly for at least two weeks after your surgery. Instead, use a donut-shaped pillow to place the pressure on your thighs.
  • Avoid strenuous activity: High-impact exercises should be avoided for the first month.
  • Avoid alcohol and certain medications: Consult your doctor about any restrictions regarding alcohol and medications.
  • Avoid sun exposure: Protect the treated area from direct exposure to minimize scarring.

By following these guidelines, patients can ensure a smoother recovery and enjoy the beautiful results of their BHeart® Brazilian butt lift.

What are the essential tips for BHeart® Brazilian butt lift aftercare?

Aftercare is a crucial aspect of the BHeart® Brazilian butt lift surgery, and following the right guidance can lead to a successful recovery:

  • Wear compression garments: These garments reduce swelling and support the newly contoured areas.
  • Follow your doctor's instructions: Dr. Hwang will provide personalized instructions tailored to your needs.
  • Stay hydrated and eat a balanced diet: Proper nutrition supports healing.
  • Attend all follow-up appointments: Regular check-ins with your doctor monitor progress and catch potential issues early.

Dedication to these aftercare instructions can achieve the desired outcome, leaving patients satisfied and confident in their new appearance.

Why is smoking a concern after a BHeart® Brazilian butt lift surgery?

Smoking restricts blood flow and can negatively impact the healing process after your BHeart® butt lift. If you smoke, quitting at least six weeks before and after the surgery is advisable to ensure proper healing and reduce the risk of complications. Taking care of your overall health before and after surgery promotes better recovery and a more satisfying outcome.

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